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       from a dream to reality...       

Branch in a Glass Jar

Veginut™ International has developed uniquely effective formulas, providing some amazing health benefits with creamy and  delicious taste.
​We make nutrient-dense plant nutrition, such as protein powders and meal replacements. These are made strictly from whole foods packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytochemical. Our superfood mixes don’t use unnecessary additives like “natural” flavouring because we believe in using plant life for our bodies to thrive.

Mari1_Fotor 3.jpg

Mariann T Mueller

Founder & CEO

Mariann is an entrepreneur, tennis professional and a former martial arts instructor with passion for health and nutrition. Her personal mission is to inspire and inform as many people as possible, that healthy living could be fun and is not that complicated  :)


Jessica is a Tennis Professional, former top ranked tennis player in her native Brazil . She won tournaments in the USTA league and was named best tennis player of the year in Maranhão-Brazil five times in a row. Jessica is also a high Performance tennis coach with passion for fitness and health

Jessica Albuquerque De Brito

                                  Co Owner & COO

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