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Zero Waste

Plastic Free





Veginut™ makes nutrient-dense plant derived nutrition products such as protein powders, pre-workout boosters and meal replacements.

Our team has crafted authentic, artful, nutritious, premium vegan blends

by reintroducing lost styles. Veginut™ has established itself as the first “craft” plant-based protein bland.

We can help you get real food nutrition without compromising taste through our amazing variety blends, made strictly from whole foods packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytochemical.


Our superfood mixes don’t use unnecessary additives like “natural” flavouring because we believe in using plant life for our bodies to thrive.

It is our mission to provide you with blends that are as good for the earth as they are for  you.


Veginut™ has replaced virtually all types of plastics in our packaging which decompose and revert to their original elements quickly and completely.

Our manufacturing facility

runs on 100% solar. 

TekPak Solutions

The oceans face a massive and growing threat from something we encounter every day: plastics. It is everywhere and in everything – Oceana Canada is an independent charity and is part of the largest international advocacy group dedicated solely to ocean conservation.

Oceania Canada Independent Charity


When it comes to label-friendly formulation, Veginut™ protein checks all the boxes.

High marks for taste. Clean Plant-Based Fuel,   Organic, gluten Free - Lab verified.

Advance quality control.

We’ve assembled a panel of experts to help us design the best products on the market, our team is dedicated to making the expertise of the pros available to everyone.

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